Paediatric Acupuncture

Acupuncture for Children

In a world where doctors are so quick to prescribe medication for childhood ailments such as colic, reflux, digestion and skin issues, many parents are left feeling as though they have no other way to keep their children happy and healthy, which can present a problem for those wanting to go a more natural route.

Fortunately, paediatric acupuncture is (virtually) pain-free, works incredibly well for all-manner of children's health issues and as children have such high energy levels, results can be remarkably rapid!

What to Expect

In my experience, it is rare that a child will be happy to sit still for 30-40 minutes as adults do for their treatments! So acupuncture for children uses techniques that are a little different. Quick and painless, the acupuncture needles are in for nearly no time at all - as a child's energy is so much more readily available, just a brief insertion will do.

I will ask a parent to hold their child for the treatment to keep them still and happy. I will then have a quick, calm chat with the child so that they understand to some degree what I am doing (even babies respond very well to this) before placing the needles and then removing soon afterwards.

You will find that you may see results almost instantaneously! Children are often very tired after a treatment, so a rest is always good if possible.

My Training

As one of only three acupuncturists in Scotland to offer paediatric acupuncture, having trained in this area for two years with one of the West's leading experts, Dr. Julian Scott (who was very keen to pass on his pain-free needling technique!), I consider this to be one of my specialties and have had wonderful success stories. I am happy and able to treat children from newborn and up.

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