Anxiety can be really awful to live with and it should only be temporary. It might help to know that it is a natural alarm to alert us that something isn’t right in our life, so that we can take some action to improve or change our situation. These alarms (feelings) are inbuilt by nature and are designed to aid our survival - we need them, but they are supposed to be short term.

Anxiety is the feeling of stress hormones in us that stimulate the fight or flight response, just what we need in times of danger and to stop us doing foolhardy things(!) but if it persists, we are in danger of not only living a life in low-level fear but also of developing chronic physical illness, lowering our immune system and developing a vulnerability to depression.

Excessive fears and worry, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive-compulsive behaviours, unwanted intrusive thoughts and post-traumatic stress reactions, are all forms of out-of-control anxiety. If you suffer from one of these conditions, or if your days are blighted by continual low-grade anxiety, it can feel as if your life will never be normal again - as if something alien is in control of you. This is the sign that you need some help to get back on track.

There are three aspects to anxiety:

• physical sensations that you experience;
• the emotions you have while experiencing them;
• and the thoughts that go through your mind at the time.

Please know, anxiety is not something all-powerful and inexplicable. It can be managed very easily, and I can give you tools to feel more in control. And sometimes these feelings come from past traumas, which can be gently and safely resolved, to leave us more able to live the life we want.

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Therapy & Counselling

Therapy and Counselling

Helping you move on in your life, quickly and effectively, and feeling better after each and every session.

Acupuncture & Herbs

Acupuncture and Herbs

Acupuncture works on the whole body, the underlying root cause of the problem and the manifesting symptoms at the same time.



Cognitive Hypnotherapy helps you find new perspectives and confidence to make rapid, lasting changes in your life.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Release more of your potential and enjoy more out of life, with greater ease.

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