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“I cannot recommend Tom enough. Having seen a handful of therapists/counsellors, I can honestly say he has been the best.”

Tom Lawrence

Tom Lawrence

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Email for a free 15 minute telephone consultation to find out how I can help you. All information is given and received in the strictest confidence.

Never before has normal life been so hectic and demanding. These challenges to our mental wellbeing are leading to higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression; phobias, poor sleep and trauma can also add to the burden of living, but whatever difficulty you are facing, and in as few sessions as possible, I can help you turn the tide into a more relaxed and fulfilling life - quickly and effectively with the Human Givens solution-focused approach to therapy and counselling in Edinburgh, or online wherever you are.

Acupuncture is used for a large variety of conditions and emotional problems, and here in Edinburgh I’m fortunate to be able to help with all sorts of physical challenges: back pain, migraine headaches, fertility issues and menstrual problems, PMS, menopause, asthma, skin complaints - like eczema- and digestive issues like IBS. I also use Oriental Herbs to support treatment where necessary.

Life Coaching creates the genuine fulfilment you look for in your life by helping you bring out the untapped potential within you. I’ve not met anyone who discovered more about themself and not go on to live a more fulfilled life at work or at home. And spiritual life coaching is for those who want to go deeper still, and live more consciously with greater awareness.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is an effective short-term therapy for a wide variety of problems that often need only a few sessions. Its success derives from clearing the root cause of an issue without spending hours analysing the past - enabling quicker results. It’s an approach to Hypnotherapy informed by recent scientific understanding of how our mind works, and it’s highly individualised to each person.

I’ve found over 20 years of practice, after starting out helping people with acupuncture and oriental herbs, that the impact of not having mental and emotional needs met, had a big impact on their physical health. Which is why I studied cognitive hypnotherapy and then further studies in Human Givens psychotherapy and counselling. In this way I can bring a truly holistic approach to helping you with your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Therapy & Counselling

Therapy and Counselling

Helping you move on in your life, quickly and effectively, and feeling better after each and every session.



Cognitive Hypnotherapy helps you find new perspectives and confidence to make rapid, lasting changes in your life.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Release more of your potential and enjoy more out of life, with greater ease.

PTSD Resolution

PTSD Resolution

I’m proud to support PTSD Resolution

Providing counselling and support to veterans and reservists of the armed forces.

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