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I am forever grateful to all those who have generously written of their experience of working with me.

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“I felt totally and immediately safe”
"I was first a little nervous about hypnotherapy, but I can tell that Tom is really someone you can trust, I felt totally and immediately safe and I asked him to help me about a phobia I had for years.And he did perfectly.

The appointments with Tom were always really interesting and I also loved so much the ‘homework’ he suggested me to do between two appointments. It really helped me, and I'm so grateful for all that. Tom really cares about your wellbeing, he takes time with you and truly can help you to live your beautiful life with all the freedom you all deserve. Many thanks Tom!"

- Amy P.

“I am ex-forces... a huge weight has been lifted”
"For years I had been forcing things to the back of my mind which was putting a strain on my health. I was drinking heavily and my general wellbeing was going downhill. I decided to give cognitive hypnotherapy a go as I had exhausted all other avenues.

I am ex-forces and was used to just putting things behind me and moving on but to lose my youngest son in a car crash, of which I was the driver, and with head injuries to my other son, it was too much to just tuck away. My fiancé suggested I speak with Tom. At first I thought, I don’t believe in this mumbo jumbo but hey, I will give it a go.

I had a number of sessions with Tom and I was finally able to forgive myself for the accident, which was the hardest part, but I got there. I would recommend Tom Lawrence to any ex-forces personnel, or to any man who has had horror and hides it away, it worked for me and I had kept my secret for ten years! I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can now move on with my life thanks to Tom."

- Niall McNab

“I don’t quite understand how the therapy worked - it just did”
"After having held on to past memories that were hurtful, I needed to find a way to finally put them where they belonged and that’s where Tom’s guidance and experience to deal with such issues came in. I may have been sceptical to begin with as I had tried psychiatry, counseling and other treatments over the years, and they unfortunately hadn’t had the desired outcome I’d hoped for. However after a few sessions of cognitive hypnotherapy, my sense of anxiety and negative thoughts no longer seem to manifest themselves and I now genuinely feel a freedom from those horrible past experiences. I don’t quite understand how the therapy worked - it just did - and I’m immensely grateful to Tom for that."

- Alison King

“I am in a happier place than I’ve ever been.”
"I went to Tom for Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help with my nerves for performing on stage. I had suffered from a fear of public speaking for most of my life and I’d also joined an amateur dramatics society to face my fears. After discussing what I wanted to get out of the experience and what was important to me, Tom used hypnosis to transport me back to a time in my life when I first felt anxiety. It was in fact quite relaxing and nothing like what I'd imagined I might feel being hypnotised. At all times I felt in control of where I was and what I was thinking. After the session I can only describe myself as being completely calm and at ease with myself. He recorded our session and so I can listen to it whenever I need. I truly believe I can achieve anything I want without fear or anxiety and I am in a happier place than I've ever been. Thanks Tom!"

- Jenny Snowden

“more successful than I could have hoped”
"Having had successful acupuncture sessions with Tom, I felt confident that his calm, non-judgmental approach would help me to move forward with a particular issue through hypnotherapy. Never having tried hypnotherapy before I was a little wary but having had the whole process explained to me I felt safe enough to continue. The outcome has been more successful than I could have hoped for, an ease and understanding has replaced the angst - making my day-to-day existence much more joyful."

- Moira Ferguson

“one of the best things I ever did for myself as a performer”
"Having a cognitive hypnotherapy session with Tom Lawrence was one of the best things I ever did for myself as a performer. I never considered myself someone who had 'blocks' with performance: I've been on stage since I was a child, and I've always loved performing. But one thing I'd never really dealt with - or even acknowledged that I needed to deal with - was the negative voice that held me back. It's amazing how that sneaky that voice is, how it creeps in unnoticed and tricks you into believing the terrible things it tells you. I have never felt more free or happier while performing: it's as close to what I felt like when I was a child and first falling in love with it. I'm not thinking about all things that I could be doing better, or worrying about what people are thinking about what I sound like or look like... I'm able to be in the moment and trust that what I have to offer is enough. If you're thinking about it, do it. And just trust that it will work."

- Amy S.

“allowing me to make the changes needed to move forward in my life”
"I had always been a sufferer of low self-esteem and came to a point in my life where I did not want this holding me back anymore in terms of my job, relationships and general wellbeing. Cognitive hypnotherapy has given me the mental tools to change the way I think and behave in a positive way - allowing me to make the changes needed in order to move forward in my life."

The Cognitive Hypnotherapy has also changed my outlook, allowing me to speak to people with ease, be more forthcoming with my opinions and making them count, and giving me a feeling of ease in social situations. And as a result I have seen how people have changed their attitudes and opinions about me for the better."

- Christina Atkinson

“definitely recommend this approach to others.”
"Thank you again for your support with Cognitive Hypnotherapy. It has really helped and has got me back on the right tracks again. I would definitely recommend this approach to others."

- Steven K.

“opening up a different perspective on things”
"I've been gradually feeling more and more myself, and much more cheerful. As well as that, managing to keep on top of life-admin which was stressful before. I'm very grateful to have spoken to you, I think the cognitive hypnotherapy helped a great deal in kick-starting something and opening up a different perspective on things. Thanks so much for your help."

- Catherine Bruce

“he said he could help me in just two or three sessions…exactly what he did.”
"I had found speaking in public incredibly difficult for most of my life - even in a relatively small group - and had always tried to find ways of avoiding it. I knew this held me back but a few years ago it really started to impact on my work and my chances of promotion which drove me to do something about it. I came across Tom through an internet search and when I contacted him he was very understanding and professional, making the whole process easy and comfortable. I was sceptical when he said he could help me in just two or three sessions but this is exactly what he did. He found the root of the problem and addressed it and the impact was immediate. Two years on from the therapy I'm still confident in meetings and now speak comfortably in public, even to large audiences. It's made a long-lasting difference to my life, particularly at work, and I can thoroughly recommend Tom. [I also took my 10 year old son to see Tom recently to get help to stop sucking his thumb. After one session he has stopped. I just wish I'd gone to Tom sooner!]"

- Fiona Boyce

“a task I had long since given up as impossible”
"I had suffered from a crippling driving phobia for 17 years when I approached Tom for Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions. Having already undertaken extensive CBT sessions some years before (with very limited success), I was sadly resigned to believing that I would never be free from its grip. It was therefore with extremely low expectations that I crossed the threshold. I couldn’t have been more mistaken. During our first session, Tom gently yet effectively identified the real issues at play, allowing me to see a way ahead for the first time. It was with some surprise (and much delight), that I found myself driving to unfamiliar places during the following week – a task I had long since given up as impossible. I only had one more session with Tom (I had also worried that I may need lengthy/expensive treatment), and have continued to drive to places I simply never imagined. My world has broadened, and my life improved enormously. If you are reading this, perhaps imagining - as I did - that you are ‘beyond help’, I would urge you to see Tom. I am free at last. Thank you, Tom."

- LF

“now I'm not scared anymore, I'm in control”
"At last a life without daily anxiety…I was fortunate to be referred to Tom to help treat anxiety which I was currently having due to a medical problem. On meeting Tom I felt immediately at ease and found him easy to talk to. We had a long chat at our first session and I felt I could at last trust someone enough to be fully honest about the extent of my problem. I told him my anxiety was much more than the current and I had actually suffered with this for more than 20 years, on reflection it was probably more 30 years. I was managing on a day-to-day basis through using beta blockers and avoiding stressful situations, which was difficult as I was a senior manager in the banking industry. Tom said he could help me and for the first time in my life I believed him. I really wanted to get out of this cycle and have my life back. I would do whatever it took to try to achieve this. Over a period of time we worked together using different techniques and coping strategies. These included hypnotherapy, acupuncture and different exercises for me to practice. I started having good days and the good days became more and the bad days less. We got to the root of the anxiety through cognitive hypnotherapy which was tough at the time but Tom helped me through this and I finally let go of the past.

I still, like everyone, have anxious moments but now I'm not scared anymore, I'm in control and continue to use everything Tom taught me. My journey continues and I look forward to each day and what it brings. I now meditate daily for 15mins and look forward to that quiet ‘me time’. Tom is a very gifted person and I could have not gone on this journey without his help and support. I am just thankful I was lucky enough to have met him."

- Yvonne Scott

“confident that he could help with my issues”
"Since I was a child I suffered from stress and stress blinking. I contacted Tom and made arrangements to visit his office. From the initial meeting I was confident that he could help with my issues. Tom’s sessions were welcoming, friendly and relaxing. After a total of 4 meetings I have been able to overcome my goal of dealing with the stress and related issues. Tom not only helped me with my initial issues, but also provided me with tools that allow me to deal with other aspects of my attitude and personality. I have already recommended Tom’s services to my close friends, and I have no problem in doing so to anyone else."

- Andrew Landels

“I couldn’t believe how confident I felt.”
"I don’t know how to thank you! We had a fantastic holiday! It has been years since I have properly been skiing, as the last few years have involved me having a panic-attack on the beginner’s slope and then giving up. No fear at all this time. I couldn’t believe how confident I felt. Nya had a great time too as it was her first time on proper skis and it was wonderful to have all three of us out having fun together. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much for everything."

- Kim Suares

“I am completely relieved from my fear and anxiety”
"I contacted Tom after searching online for past life regression therapy. At the time I was suffering from an intense fear that increasingly had taken over my life. We spoke on email a couple of times and I got a very positive and serious impression. As I came in to his office at The Healthy Life Centre, a central and light location, I immediately felt relaxed. I realised, after our initial session, that I'd self-diagnosed where my fear came from. It wasn't from a past life. Instead Tom, helped me look at the issue from a different perspective and he talked me through how the brain creates fear and what hypnosis does to dissolve it. He is extremely knowledgeable and answered every question I had. I had in total 6 sessions spread out over 5 months and today, 4 months after my last session I am completely relieved from my fear and anxiety and I feel generally calmer and more positive about life."

- Magdalena Tsiobanelis

“I had almost no nerves beforehand”
"I just wanted to let you know that I had my first presentation yesterday. I had almost no nerves beforehand and I was only slightly nervous during the presentation itself. I've had some brilliant feedback already from my tutor.

I've noticed a great improvement and the idea of my next presentation doesn't phase me at all. Thanks for all your help, it has made a great difference to not only the way I feel but also on my outlook.

Thank you again for all you're help, it's made a real difference and I'm sure it will continue to."

- Jonathan Wood

I am forever grateful to all those who have generously written of their experience of working with me.

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