Past Life Regression

Brought into the public consciousness through the work of Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Michael Newton, the possibility of previous lives can answer many questions for people. Some have difficulties in this life that can be attributed to residual memory from previous times, and ‘going back there’ in deep hypnosis (regression), can provide fascinating answers that can release the problem for good.

Some are merely curious about possible past lives and can have some wonderful insights into aspects of their present day character (distinct from personality). Others are experiencing anomalies that do not appear to correspond with their life to date. For example I had a client who came for a PLR session because he had an unusual phobia of water – couldn’t bear to drink it or watch others swig out of the ubiquitous plastic bottles on sale almost everywhere. In deep trance he recalled being part of a nomadic tribe (Middle Eastern) and their habit was not to drink ‘fresh’ water which was drawn from wells, in case it had been poisoned. When questioned while in deep hypnosis he was able to see that their fluid intake was limited to soups and stews and camel milk. After the session, with the mystery of his phobia having been revealed to him, his inhibition dissolved and he found he could trust his current life observation, that it was actually safe to drink water.

These sessions take around two hours, the investment for which is £120.



“key moments of each lifetime”
"I'd read about Regression and was interested in experiencing it for myself, to see if any past lives could help me move forward in this life. Tom provided me with a safe, comfortable environment in which I very quickly deeply relaxed and I was able to recall a few of my past lives very vividly; I truly felt there again. Tom gently guided me through the key moments of each lifetime and retrieved valuable lessons that I'd learnt from them. These lessons resonate in my current life and I'm beginning to apply them.

The most comforting thing for me from this experience is that I no longer fear death, as I have a strong sense of being connected to those I love over and over again, just in different lives, times and relationships.

I would highly recommend regression therapy to everyone, particularly if you have something troubling you in the present or if you feel there may be something to learn from previous lives."

- Stephanie Wilson


“The past life regression session has been enormously helpful”
"Life has been a whirlwind since we met – so many synchronicities which seem to match the ‘teachings’ I was getting during the session. It’s helped me make a number of key decisions and the way ahead seems clearer and not so daunting. So, a huge thank you. I believe the quality of what happens in the lead up to a therapeutic consultation is of vital importance; from the get-go your website conveyed a caring and compassionate feel, my questions and planning e-mails were dealt with promptly and kindly, and when I arrived at the Health Life Centre I was warmly welcomed by staff until you could see me. Your approach was one of care, concern that I was comfortable, and professionalism. It was easy to have confidence in your work.

The past life regression session has been enormously helpful; I had many insights on the day since which time connections, understanding, and lessons continue to reveal themselves. I’d say to others - go with an open mind, relax, and allow the process to unfold."

- Andrew Hunter


“I never imagined that past life regression would feel so ‘real’.”
"I've never imagined that past life regression would feel so 'real'. It was a very positive experience and a kind of 'wake-up' call to see the previous mistakes I'm redoing in my current life, so that now I'm able to make positive changes about them."

- Eva Pusztai



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