What People Say...



“...it worked the way I could only dream about!”
“I can’t say it enough how happy I am that I went to see Tom. I went with a specific issue related to social interactions, excessive shyness and resulting constant stress, and I feel now that the improvements went (and are still going) beyond the specific issue I went with initially. Tom explained how things worked in a person, and why and how it was possible for the changes to happen, and that made me very confident that I can truly make the changes I want. I feel as if I could always be happy, self-reliant, relaxed and confident. And with this new self-discovery the despair, migraines and constant fatigue from stress went away. Tom never judged me so I could really take my concern from the darkest corner of my mind and explain what was happening. He was both very supportive and constructive – he explained where the problem was, established what I wanted the outcome to be and then guided me towards my goal. It may sound simple but it worked the way I could only dream about! Tom’s sessions and guidance, truly and amazingly helped.”

Tatiana Rodionova


“…more successful than I could have hoped…“
“Having had successful acupuncture sessions with Tom, I felt confident that his calm, non-judgmental approach would help me to move forward with a particular issue through hypnotherapy.  Never having tried hypnotherapy before I was a little wary but having had the whole process explained to me I felt safe enough to continue. The outcome has been more successful than I could have hoped for, an ease and understanding has replaced the angst - making my day-to-day existence much more joyful.”

Moira Ferguson


 “…very beneficial and I recommend him…”
“I found working with Tom to be very beneficial and I recommend him. He helped me see myself and various situations differently and to live my life with greater awareness. Awareness is a great agent for change.”

Fergus King


"…we have been given the greatest gift of all…"
I started treatment with Tom in the Autumn of 2011 to help me conceive naturally.  Prior to this I had suffered two miscarriages and the loss of my first born son when he was only nine days old.  Given my age at the time (44 years old) I knew my chances of getting pregnant again were slim at best but I was prepared to give natural methods one last shot before going down the route of assisted reproduction.  

I had already been having acupuncture and other complementary therapies as well as attending a natural fertility clinic before seeing Tom but he had come highly recommended and I felt that it was time for a change.

The great thing about Tom is that it is not just about going along for acupuncture - he takes a whole mind and body holistic approach and helps deal with any kind of emotional issues that may be acting as a barrier to helping you achieve your goal.  His serene wisdom, patience and positive outlook were a great help to me, plus he was full of practical suggestions such as techniques to practice at home, books to read etc.

I saw Tom every two weeks and he tailored the acupuncture in accordance to my ovulation chart.  Amazingly I fell pregnant after my third visit but sadly miscarried a few weeks later - a sign that my body needed further work and strengthening before it could sustain a pregnancy.  I am pleased to say that the regular acupuncture and Chinese herbs did work and in July 2012, shortly after my 45th birthday I fell pregnant.  In March of this year my beautiful daughter Eva arrived to the great joy of myself and my husband.  Eva has just turned 7 months and every day is a new discovery - for her and for us!  Thanks to Tom we have been given the greatest gift of all and we couldn't be happier.  Seeing Tom was the best investment I ever made and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a highly gifted alternative practitioner.

Janet Liu


“…a gift with people...gave me inner strength…“
“Tom has a gift with people, he is perceptive, sensitive and caring. I felt totally understood and nurtured by the treatment I received from him. Although I initially started seeing him for one problem - the ‘whole’ of me was treated, and as a result I benefited as a whole. Each session enabled me to feel in balance and gave me inner strength. I learnt more about myself and how to look after my mind and body through his knowledge and expertise - long may it continue...”

Kirsty Moseley


“…very rewarding…he can enrich other areas of my life…”
“Working with Tom is a very rewarding experience; he has given me a clearer understanding of what makes me the person I am, enabling me to find and address hidden aspects of myself that were holding me back…I’m going to continue working with Tom as I believe he can enrich other areas of my life.”

Duncan McLean


“…absolutely delighted…”

Just wanted to say....Scott and I are very grateful for all you've done for Jamie.  We are absolutely delighted with his progress in the short time you have been treating him.  The acupuncture and lifestyle changes you suggested, really seem to have worked for him."

Janey Wallace


“…a huge improvement with my periods, general health and my mental wellbeing…”
“I was given Tom's number by a good friend of my mother’s, who highly recommend him. I’d seen my doctor on several occasions regarding very bad periods and I really didn't feel I was getting anywhere. So I looked for an alternative; Tom was my answer. His gentle and caring manner immediately put me at ease, and within just a few sessions, he’d helped me overcome problems I’d been battling for years. I now have regular acupuncture sessions and have noticed a huge improvement with my periods, general health and my mental wellbeing: I’m feeling much more positive and happy in myself. Having started acupuncture because someone recommended it to me, I now recommend Tom to as many people as I can.”

Rhona Summers


“I am ex forces…finally able to forgive myself…”
“For years I had been putting things to the back of my mind which was putting a strain on my health. I was drinking heavily and my general wellbeing was going downhill. I decided to give cognitive hypnotherapy a go as I had exhausted all other avenues.

I am ex forces and was used to putting things behind me and moving on, but to lose my youngest son in a car crash of which I was the driver, and with head injuries to my other son, it was too much to just tuck away. My fiancé suggested I speak with Tom. At first I thought, I don’t believe in this mumbo jumbo but hey, I will give it a go.

I had a number of sessions with Tom as my memories of that day were locked away very tightly in the recesses of my mind. He managed to coax them all out and I was finally able to forgive myself for the accident, which was the hardest part, but I got there.

I would recommend Tom Lawrence to any ex forces personnel, or to any man who has had horror and hides it away, it worked for me and I had kept my secret for ten years! I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can now move on with my life thanks to Tom.”

Niall McNab


“…the best move I have made…“
“Having tragically lost my husband last year, my very good friends encouraged me to make an appointment with Tom in an effort to try and help mend me. It was without doubt the best move I have made in the journey to my new normality. Tom has helped me heal more than he will ever realise. He has encouraged to me listen to my own thoughts and not hide from them. He has an amazing ability to make me look at situations from several angles so not to get lost in a sad or bad place. He has taught me how to lighten my burden without guilt but with love. Deep in my heart I do believe that I will be happy again and that makes me feel good. Today I am a very different person to the one that walked into his office 6 months ago. Thank you so much Tom.”

Lesley Calvert


“…key moments of each lifetime…”
"I'd read about Regression and was interested in experiencing it for myself, to see if any past lives could help me move forward in this life. Tom provided me with a safe, comfortable environment in which I very quickly deeply relaxed and I was able to recall a few of my past lives very vividly; I truly felt there again. Tom gently guided me through the key moments of each lifetime and retrieved valuable lessons that I'd learnt from them. These lessons resonate in my current life and I'm beginning to apply them.

The most comforting thing for me from this experience is that I no longer fear death, as I have a strong sense of being connected to those I love over and over again, just in different lives, times and relationships.

I would highly recommend regression therapy to everyone, particularly if you have something troubling you in the present or if you feel there may be something to learn from previous lives."

Stephanie Wilson


“…I am back on track now.”
I attended a small competition at the start of this month - the first since my session with you.  I wasn't even flustered or nervous and came away happier with my performance than I have been in a long time.  I'm just back from another competition that was a lot bigger.  There were the usual butterflies of anticipation but I could still stay calm, and Niko and I went through to the jump-off.  I was pleased with our performance and I really feel like I am back on track now.  Thank you so much!       

Shauney Watson


“…great healer… professional…”
“Tom helped me out with a pain in my mouth that neither my dentist nor doctor could make better. He is a great healer and his professional manner makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. I would now consult him before going to my GP.”

Kate Freemantle


 “…Tom has a quality about him that gives you more…”
“Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have improved my well-being in so many ways over the years. Over and above these benefits, Tom has a quality about him that gives you more - his intuition, calmness and personal concern, has helped me establish general well-being and balance for problems both large and small. I always walk away with a deep feeling of all round recovery, inner strength and health.”

Gabby, migraine


“…I enjoy much better health and peace of mind.”
“Since seeing Tom a few years ago, I enjoy much better health and peace of mind. Whatever the problem he listens carefully and then seems to sort it out. His warm, calm and caring way, makes you feel at ease and I always look forward to my sessions with him.”

Norma Lindsay


“…re-energised me and turned my world around…”
“Overall, acupuncture has totally re-energised me and turned my world around. I have no pain, no PMT, I’m calmer, I sleep better, I’ve lost a stone in weight, my asthma is under control and I feel in harmony with my own body – what a result and one achieved without the use of conventional medicine.”

Elizabeth Webster


“…very uplifting…”
“After being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries I felt very helpless and needed to do something positive about the situation. I found the whole experience of acupuncture very uplifting, and after approximately two months of treatment I fell pregnant and now have a beautiful baby boy. What more can I say?!"

Pippa Winter


“…has an innate sensitivity…”
“Tom is not just an acupuncturist. He has an innate sensitivity that seems to allow him to simply feel what is wrong with you. When he asks you something, the question is often more telling than the resulting answer, and his sessions leave you feeling...well, healed is the only word, really.”

Peter Dunne


“… I am now living a richer and fuller life…”
“Having acupuncture from Tom has really changed my life. I no longer struggle with the symptoms of migraines, my energy levels have improved dramatically, and I am now living a richer and fuller life. I'm delighted.”

Pat Scrogie


“…much calmer, happier and much more able to deal with life…”
“Since having the acupuncture and herbs I have felt much calmer, happier and much more able to deal with life, something that I was finding increasingly difficult to do since the birth of my son.”

Susan Trim


“…the pain literally disappeared…”
“I was suffering from agonizing back pain and even the strongest prescription painkillers were ineffective. After one treatment the pain literally disappeared within twenty-four hours. I have been back many times since for other ailments I or my children have had.”

Fiona Kimmins


“…made me feel better.”
“I went to see Tom because I had a hernia operation and after that I got very grumpy in the mornings. But when I had the needles it didn't hurt. He showed me the channels on the body of the model, which went down the body from the head to the feet and showed me where I was cut on the channel. It mended the cut and made me feel better.”

Amadea Kimmins, 8 yrs


“…I felt totally relaxed.”
“I visited Tom because I had ulcers in my mouth. When I had the needles it was nothing and did not hurt. It’s very interesting the way the needles affect your body. Twenty-four hours later my ulcers had gone and I felt totally relaxed.”

Celestria Kimmins 12 yrs


“…enabled me to understand my body and my emotions…”
“Acupuncture has not only helped me considerably with a medical issue but has also enabled me to understand my body and my emotions much more.

Tom does not simply place needles into the necessary parts of the body, he listens and helps you understand your emotions and fears - all the time helping you overcome the problem for which you are seeing him.

It is amazing how a man can educate you to embrace the natural feelings you have as a woman, which we often try so hard to suppress due to the stress of work, home and general every-day life complications.”

Kelly George

“…didn't have to have an unwanted operation…”
“The effectiveness of the acupuncture treatment meant that I didn't have to have an unwanted operation. Hospital scans proved the difference that acupuncture had made.”

Siobhan FitzPatrick


“…improved the condition to such an extent…”
“I had a painful and debilitating issue with my knee which made even walking painful. I was due to go skiing within six weeks which would have been impossible had my knee not improved. Three acupuncture appointments improved the condition to such an extent that I was able to ski absolutely normally.”

Huw Williams


“…what a profound effect…”
“The benefits I have experienced in the short time of receiving treatment (just five sessions) have radically altered aspects of my life, much for the better. Recently I was in excruciating pain from a neck injury so much so that I couldn’t sleep. Just one session of acupuncture alleviated the problem, which wasn't muscular, as I'd assumed, by eighty per cent. On both counts no one could have effectively conveyed what a profound effect an hour with a few needles could have on a life.”

Anthony Guyon


“I always feel like a million dollars after seeing Tom…”
“I always feel like a million dollars after seeing Tom. However tired, stressed or aching beyond belief, it is as if he has washed away in forty-five minutes all the bad things and just left me with everything good.”

Rachel Duffield


“…put almost everything right.”
“I had a very serious operation four years ago and because of the shock related to this operation, my shoulder was aching and my left arm felt numb. When I went to see Tom a few months ago I didn't think I would regain all of the sensations in my arm, I was merely looking for an improvement. However, it took just two sessions to put almost everything right.”

Jerome Badoux


“…unbelievable approach, a hugely caring 'bedside manner'… good sense of humour.”
“The original reasons for going to Tom have become a little blurred. Over the past six months I have had a variety of 'problems' ranging from a sore back to night sweats, insomnia, headaches, stress ... Although I have made little effort to change lifestyle or diet, I feel healthy, incredibly calm, have had little or no depression even though, during this period, I have had some fairly significant issues to deal with. My headaches are down to one a week rather than one or two a day, night sweats are almost non-existent, and my sleeping patterns have changed completely!

Whilst acupuncture could be considered by many as a physiological treatment the approach of the practitioner is incredibly important, both in terms of allaying any fears and providing an environment where you feel you can discuss symptoms and affects in total confidence. Tom has an unbelievable approach, a hugely caring 'bedside manner' - all tempered with a good sense of humour.”

René Adams


“…more positively focused and are experiencing renewed energy…”
“Since receiving acupuncture and herbs our lives have been greatly enhanced. We are more positively focused and are experiencing renewed energy. The health benefits are too numerous to mention! Areas of vast improvement include; back pain, pmt/periods, anxiety/stress, migraines. Tom is an experienced practitioner who delights in helping others.”

Mark and Judi Holt


“….I would recommend going to see him…”
“I was very scared of the thought of using needles but Tom's friendly, gentle manner put me at ease. Just one wonderfully relaxing treatment rid me of the numerous aches and pains of looking after a baby for a year. I would recommend going to see him for any ailment.”

Lisa van Koetsveld


“…I always looked forward to my appointments…”
“My experience with acupuncture and herbs has been very positive. I felt instantly at ease with Tom as he is a very warm, natural, calming individual and practitioner. I am particularly interested in the theory and principles of the therapy, and had been suffering from anxiety and panic for several months. During and after the acupuncture sessions, I experienced an overwhelming sense of calm and happiness. I always looked forward to my appointments as they made me feel better mentally, emotionally and physically. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone seeking an alternative and natural therapy - in fact I am even looking into studying it, and other related therapies, in the future.”

Morven Macleod


“…You can't beat the warm glow of having your energy waves bent back into shape.”
“I used to equate acupuncture with witch doctors and all that… and only went to Tom as a last resort to help cure a crippling fear of flying. It was a revelation. Not only do I now fly, but for the first time in my life I've started eating properly. It was always the 'alternative' that made me suspicious of this kind of medicine but Tom is reassuringly normal. I'm no hippy - ok, I do now drink soya milk - but I am a convert. You can't beat the warm glow of having your energy waves bent back into shape.”

John Dower


“…so pleased with the change in her…”
“Gemma (8yrs) seems to be much happier. She's eating a much healthier diet - trying out all sorts of new food and keeping to her wheat and dairy free diet with ease! I'm so pleased with the change in her - thank you very much for all your help and advice.”

Gemma’s mother


“…opened up a world of empowerment and opportunity…”
“I originally went to Tom for an IBS-type illness, called ulcerative colitis, in January 2002. The treatment he gave me was so much more than acupuncture… my sessions with him changed my perception of myself, which proved to be a far more long-term and valuable experience. Through acupuncture I accepted responsibility for my illness. My lifestyle, and lack of regard for the needs of my body along with an extended period of antibiotics, had weakened my system. By accepting responsibility for my condition I also accepted that a change in lifestyle would help cure it - rather than the prescribed medication which my consultant said would only ever help manage it. Tom encouraged me to start yoga, and introduced me to a nutritional therapist. Initially I was resistant to both ideas, but in July I went to see the nutritional therapist, and in September took myself off on a yoga holiday to kick start this 'new me'. One year on, I am completely cured. It was not easy, but every step I took not only helped me cure the physical weakness in my body, but opened up a world of empowerment and opportunity that I had been completely oblivious to. I continue to see Tom once every three weeks to keep me balanced; my life is unrecognisable to that of eighteen months ago when I first went to see him. The over-exercising, stressed-out party girl is no more. I start my yoga teacher-training course this September and I have been successfully running my own business for over ten months. I’m the happiest I have ever been.”


Sara Campbell

I am grateful to all those who have generously written of their experience of working with me.