Past Life Regression

Unique Change For Real Fulfilment



“I was able to recall a few of my past lives very vividly; I truly felt there again.”


What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is an opportunity to return to an earlier stage of this life or a previous life, to heal a current issue or answer a life-purpose question. Researched now for many years, it is a particular interest of mine, and is achieved through a deeply relaxed state during hypnosis. 


Current Life Regression

Safely release the baggage of your past – anger, hurt, resentment and so on – that stems from childhood events. Seeing these events now as an adult, they can look and feel completely different, enabling you to re-program your mind’s reaction to them and so let go of these negative, inhibiting emotions. This technique is often incorporated into Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions and sometimes called ‘time-line’ therapy and can be achieved in light trance.


Past Life Regression

Brought into the public arena through Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Michael Newton’s work, the possibility of previous lives, answers many questions for people. Problems in this life can be attributed to residual memory from previous times, and ‘going back there’ in deep hypnosis, can provide fascinating answers that can release the problem for good. 


Life Between Lives

Pioneered by Michael Newton, this work can give answers to deeper questions we may have surrounding soul or life purpose. Using deep hypnosis techniques, individuals can access soul memory for greater clarity of such deep wonderings.


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