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Natural Therapies in Edinburgh

Based in Edinburgh, Cognitive Hypnotherapy is an effective short-term therapy for a wide variety of problems that often only need a few sessions. Its success derives from clearing the root cause of an issue without spending hours analysing the past - enabling quicker results. It’s an approach to Hypnotherapy informed by recent scientific understanding of how our mind works, and it’s highly individualised to each person.


Acupuncture has a long history of helping people stay well, and acupuncture in the West is used for a large variety of conditions and emotional problems. Here in Edinburgh I’m fortunate to be able to help people with a long list of ailments - back pain, migraine headaches, fertility issues and menstrual problems, PMS, menopause, asthma, skin complaints and digestive issues like IBS. I also use Oriental Herbs to support treatment where necessary.


Buy NowProject You life coaching helps you to create the genuine fulfilment you look for in your life.  By removing subconscious thoughts that block you, you are able to tap into the wealth of internal resources that you have. In this way you can achieve a more enjoyable life becoming more fulfilled in your career, home-life, sports and hobbies.


Regression therapy is a gentle yet powerful way to release you from the affects of a hidden negative experience that is causing unwanted emotions. You can release jealousy, anger and fear for example, in a safe and effective way. Past Life Regression can open up fascinating new realms of yourself to reveal why certain problems seem to exist for you, phobias for instance; with this new knowledge you are able to re-set your understanding and enjoy more of the life you want.


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